Sunday, January 24, 2010

this is what it will look like

hi everyone

well here it is another rainy cold day where is the sunnnnnnnnnnn. I have been working on dgd madisons birthday party things it is going to be a princess party I am making wands and the head wreath. Here is the wand. will go now and find the pattern for you that may want to try this they are so easy. see ya in a little. to make the head wreaths you need 2 yds of the tinsel garland and 2 yds each of curling ribbon you need to measure childs head, thenwrap your tinsel around in a circle then twist your 2 ends together now back there where you twisted the ends together you will add your ribbons it just calls for 4 pieces of ribbon at 2 yds a piece I plan to add a few more you attach them with a half hitch knot take your scissors or anything flat and curl your ribbon walla you have a fairy crown